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We turn aspirations into lasting legacies by expertly blending life insurance with wealth and tax strategy.

About Us

Build the Future You Want

There is a difference between those who simply prepare for the future and those who actively shape their path.

To do so, you need partners who not only create plans but also adapt them as dynamically as your life evolves.  At Robin Glen, we are architects of enduring wealth and legacy.  Working with families, entrepreneurs, athletes, and philanthropists alike, in collaboration with their advisors, we understand and are dedicated to their unique aspirations.

We elevate life insurance and tax strategy from mere planning to an art form by combining innovating tax planning and strategic risk management that not only safeguards but enhances your legacy.    


Our signature approach melds the precision of expert insurance and tax strategists with the agility to navigate change, ensuring your legacy thrives across generations.

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How We Work With You

We are not money managers.  We do not draft legal documents.  We do not file your taxes.  We do not work alone.

We work with you and your team of legal, accounting, money management and other advisors to provide strategic oversight and advice.  Our goal is to create unique solutions that enhance traditional planning and deliver impactful results for our clients. We remain dedicated to collaborating with you and your advisors over time, ensuring that your planning remains finely tuned to meet your evolving needs.

So how do we make money?  There are two ways.  One is on consulting fees when we implement strategies for you.  The other is if there is a life insurance solution that makes sense for you and we receive a commission from the life insurance company.


A Team of Thought Leaders

We use our deep knowledge of, and experience in, life insurance, finance, investments, estate planning, business planning, and taxation to identify innovative ways to provide optimal outcomes for our clients and advisor partners.


Collaboration is integral to what we do. We are passionate about the work we do and take great satisfaction in sharing ideas and coming together to pinpoint the perfect solution.  


Working with us provides access to a team that is committed to crafting cohesive, integrated plans that yield long-term results.

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