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Jeff Egan

Jeff comes to Robin Glen from the world of Wall Street and investments. Jeff has worked in the capital markets, institutional and family office segments, trading fixed income, developing asset management platforms, and sourcing, structuring and syndicating distinct private investment opportunities. He has applied this experience over a 25 year career in multiple geographies, generating meaningful strategic relationships across the industry.


Jeff earned a BA from George Mason University (where he played baseball).  He has earned multiple securities licenses.  


Jeff enjoys running, golf, and non-profit work.  Jeff and his wife live in Naperville with their three children and two dogs. 

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What is your planning super power?

I think we all have multiple superpowers that are interconnected.  For me, the three are:


-To wake up and want to help someone by creating opportunities and adding value.  

-The ability to persevere.  To reach a goal...and follow up, follow up follow up.

-The confidence and humility to develop and nurture meaningful long term relationships.

Who is your hero?

I actually have a few heroes and it's really unique parts of each that I admire.


My son and my daughter.

They have each been through a lot of challenges and come through personal health scenarios for the better.  They embraced the suck, and worked very hard to find a new part of themselves.


My wife.

Back to school at age 40. Now a full time therapist with multiple certifications and licenses.


My Dad

An amazing ability to connect with people of all strata professional and social and juggle many pressures all at once.  


My sister

Who immersed herself completely in a single pursuit of her craft - in this case photography - and has achieved acclaim in little pockets for little money. Embedded in a unit in an infantry unit in Iraq, on a street corner with a cop and a convict, in Africa with local villagers – she has done it all from age 17 forward and not looked back. A purity and reality to it.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

Just one?  Okay, let's take a stab at this!


If you see a fork in the road, take it! 



Keep your feet on the ground as you reach for the stars.

-Cliché and Hallmark card 


If I had to combine it all into one neat phrase, it would be:  Trust yourself, always keep trying, and look to help others.

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