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Planning Reimagined - Videos

Below are the videos versions of the latest episodes of Planning Reimagined.  Click the icon to head to the Planning Reimagined YouTube page and subscribe to be alerted when each new episode drops.
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Episode 1:

In today’s episode, our experts discuss the complexities of diversifying your real estate portfolio, understanding the intricate tax implications, and setting up the right ownership structures to protect your assets and maximize your income deductions.

Episode 2:

In this episode of Planning Reimagined, Celeste, Michael, and Kris are joined by Jeff Bermis, Managing Partner of Silver Horn Capital, to discuss wealth management through real estate and the intricacies of 1031 exchanges for tax deferment.

Episode 3:

In this episode of Planning Reimagined, Celeste and Kris are joined by Mark Auten, an attorney from Plunk Smith, to discuss how to manage and preserve multi-generational family wealth, using lessons learned from the Kennedys and the TV show Succession.

Episode 4:

In this episode, Celeste and Mike are  joined by Courtney Joyner Gage of Mariposa Advisors to dive even deeper into the world of family wealth management, estate planning, and business succession. They explore the critical importance of communication and thoughtful planning in ensuring that family legacies are preserved and enhanced through generations. They discuss how families can effectively prepare heirs for responsibilities that come with inheriting a business or wealth.

Episode 5:

In this episode, Celeste and Kris are joined by David Friedman, Partner at Forbes Banister International. David talks about the evolving landscape of family offices, the role of technology in managing family wealth, and the shifting paradigms in investment strategies. He also discusses how technology revolutionizes ownership transparency in investments and long-term asset management, the importance of experiential investing for newer generations, and how it creates new demand for flexibility and new investments. 

Episode 6:

In this episode, Celeste and Kris are joined by Charmaine Tang, President of Orca, to explore the evolving landscape of family offices and the pivotal role of technology in enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness. Charmaine brings her expertise to the table, discussing issues such as succession, transitioning within family offices, and key person risk. They talk about how technology can facilitate a smooth transition to the next generation, mitigating risks and providing equal access to essential information for better decision-making.

Episode 7:

Celeste welcomes Yadira Anzueto to dive into the intricate world of risk management and insurance for affluent families. Yadira, a licensed insurance expert, discusses the vital role of risk management in family planning, revealing how proper insurance can be a family's primary defense against unexpected catastrophic losses, and how the risk completely changes as wealth grows.

Episode 8:

Celeste and Kris welcome Jay Judas to discuss the intricacies of using life insurance in estate planning for affluent families. Their discussion covers the strategic implementation of irrevocable trusts to fund life insurance policies, the versatility of life insurance, including PPLI, to offer tax-efficient solutions tailored for high net-worth individuals and families, and the importance of liquidity.  They share various examples, stressing the importance of comprehensive planning, professional management, and the necessity of not viewing life insurance as a one-size-fits-all product.
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