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New Strategic Partnership

C3 Financial Partners and Robin Glen Create a Strategic Partnership

Two industry-leading firms have engaged Celeste Moya

Dallas, TX: C3 Financial Partners, a preeminent broker of life insurance as a planning tool, and Robin Glen, a leading group of planning specialists, are excited to announce they have entered in a strategic partnership by jointly engaging top insurance advisor, Celeste Moya.

Celeste Moya

This partnership allows Celeste to work with both companies, bringing together the breadth and depth of two prominent firms in the life insurance and planning spaces and is based on a long history of mutual admiration and respect among the principals.

“I am thrilled to work with both C3 Financial Partners and Robin Glen,” says Celeste. “C3 is a long-time leader in the world of life insurance with an unmatched history and reputation for excellence. Meanwhile, the team at Robin Glen has a new and unique vision of how planning should be done. To have access to both is truly a dream combination.”

“Collaboration has always been part of our business model,” says Todd S. Healy, founder of C3 Financial Partners. “This partnership allows us to collaborate with another distinguished firm, via Celeste and her work, to offer our clients even greater clarity, confidence and coordination.”

“We are committed to redefining how planning is done and partnering with the best people in the industry,” says Robin Glen Managing Partner Kris Stegall. “That applies to the team we have assembled internally at Robin Glen but also includes entering into creative partnerships like this with industry luminaries.”

About Robin Glen: Robin Glen is a team of planning professionals committed to crafting cohesive, integrated plans that yield long-term results. Using expertise in income and estate tax, private capital, and insurance analysis and design, they create unique solutions that deliver impactful results for our clients and advisor partners.

About C3 Financial Partners: C3 Financial Partners was founded to help clients preserve family wealth and business success and achieve philanthropic goals by offering life insurance as a planning tool, guided by deep expertise, with a strong commitment to client continuity. Their goal throughout any client interaction is to bring clarity, confidence, and coordination to the process.


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