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Maximizing Athlete's Off-Field Income: The Endoresment Company Advantage

Consider a strategic move to enhance your endorsement, image, and appearance income by establishing an Endorsement Company. This separate entity offers tax benefits, retirement planning, and asset protection, providing athletes with a comprehensive financial strategy beyond their playing careers.

Endorsement Companies

An Endorsement Company is like a special business created just for professional athletes. In this setup, the athlete owns most or all the company and is also its main employee.

The company works on behalf of the athlete with other companies to arrange deals for sponsorships, endorsements, or apearances. When the athlete gets paid for these deals, the money goes to the Endorsement Company first, and then the company pays the athlete a salary from that amount.


It's a way for athletes to manage their off-field income in a structured way.

$5 million per year in endorsement income:


  • Total Taxes: $1,807,167

  • Post-Tax Cash: $2,692,833

Endorsement Company Model:

  • Total Taxes: $1,099,638

  • Post-Tax Cash: $3,364,113

$635,030 more post-tax cash each year


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